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About Us

Our goal is to  influence people to persevere and find hope in the face of life’s greatest challenges

The purpose of our work is to eliminate hopelessness among our communities and guide people on their journey throughout recovery.

We provide simple software solutions to help your organization provide information, resources, and support to those suffering from mental health issues or addictions.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to liberate our communities from feelings of hopelessness and guide them in their journey throughout recovery”

Our Values


Clear and open communication is the foundation of our work, the first step in solving challenges, and the key to our success.


The goal is to display honor, humility and moral uprightness as we guide others towards their best possible life.


Our service is driven by our personal experiences. Everyone’s story is important; we strive to serve as a role model for recovery by sharing our own.

What We Do

By providing digital health solutions, we help community health organizations design customized peer support programs.

As members of Compass Peer Services, we have seen firsthand how peer support can save lives. The power of a peer-to-peer relationship has been demonstrated to reduce hospitalizations, increase engagement in recovery and behavioral health services, improve quality of life, and improve whole health. (Evidence for Peer Support – Mental Health America 2019)

We work with you to solve the specific needs of your organization and offer peer support programs that align with your mission and goals

Our Team

Bildad St. Louis

(Chief Growth Officer)

Darian Elmendorf

(Chief Executive Officer)

Carl Sharperson

(Chief Culture Officer)

Top-Notch Training Blueprint

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