How to become a certified peer support specialist in South Carolina?

Please refer the table below to know how to become a certified peer support specialist in South Carolina? In this Database you'll find all the necessary Requirements of South Carolina state to become a certified peer support specialist.

Is there a state-endorsed certification process?:Yes
Does the state differentiate between Mental Health Peer Support Specialists and Substance Use Peer Support Specialists?:No, Certified Peer Support Specialists can be individuals who self-identify as being in recovery from mental illness, substance use, or co-occurring disorders.
What are the educational requirements to apply for a peer specialist training program?:Meet minimum education requirement of high school diploma or equivalency
What are the personal requirements to apply for a peer specialist training program?:Be at least 18 years of age or older
Self-identify as a person diagnosed with mental illness or co-occurring disorder
Have demonstrated three years of self-directed recovery as documented in three professional references
What are the professional requirements needed to apply for a peer specialist training program?:Have completed a minimum of 100 hours of supervised paid or volunteer work providing peer support services for individuals who have mental illness, substance use, or co-occurring disorders
-A minimum of four hours of professional supervision is required (one hour of supervision per every 25 volunteer hours)
-Job shadowing of another peer support specialist is strongly recommended prior to employment within hiring agency
Complete the Peer Support Specialist Certification training application packet (Copy of high school diploma or equivalency diploma; Signed acknowledgement of the Certified Peer Support Specialist Scope of Activities
Signed acknowledgement of the Certified Peer Support Specialist Code of Conduct
Three completed professional reference forms in individual sealed envelopes
The following are not considered professional references and will not be accepted: family members, therapist, friends, or psychiatrists
One professional reference may be a fellow Certified Peer Support Specialist
Submit required documents and $75 registration fee to program administrators by applicable due date
What are the training requirements to become a Certified Peer Specialist?:Class consists of 40 hours of intensive training (this course will be available by zoom) with 12 hours dedicated to homework and final presentation.
What is the average cost for CPS training?:$50
Who is responsible for paying for training? (List all):Individual
Other potential funding sources.:
Is there a state-wide certification test?:
What are the personal/professional requirements for certification, if they differ from attending the training?:
Is a background check required? If so, is a criminal record a disqualification for certification?:
What is the cost of the certification test?:
Does the certification test need to be taken regularly to maintain certification?:
Aside from any fees for the training or state-wide certification test, are there other certification fees/costs?:$75 registration fee
Is there a statewide certification body?:
Please provide as much information about the certification board/body as possible.:
Where can information be found for upcoming peer support trainings?:SC SHARE website:
On average, how often are trainings held in your state?:SC SHARE hosts multiple trainings per year throughout the state
Training providers (vendors) and their contact information.:SC SHARE
What are the continuing education requirements?:Annual completion of 20 continuing education unit hours that are approved by SC SHARE
Who tracks CEUs?:Individuals must keep track and submit documents of completion along with CPSS recertification forms annually to SC SHARE
Is there a certification requirement for CPS Supervisors? If yes, provide details of requirements and relevant information.:As an option on his or her career ladder, a CPSS may eventually acquire a supervisory position with appropriate training, experience, and aptitude.
Must meet additional requirements:
-Associate or bachelor degree preferred or five years of CPSS experience.
-Valid driver’s license.
-At least five years in recovery and current and active involvement in a recovery program.
-Completion of CPSS training, continuing education requirements, and SC SHARE’s
supervisory training.
-Strong administrative and computer skills.
-CPSS experience and aptitude.
Additional specializations available for certified peer specialists::Recovery Coach or CPSS specializing in substance use (offered by FAVOR SC)
Parent Support Providers (offered by Federation of Families of SC)
What are the different acronyms used to distinguish peer supporters and specific peer support specialties?:CPSS: Certified Peer Support Specialist
Are Certified Peer Specialists services Medicaid reimbursable?:Yes
How are peer support services paid for by the state? What specific Medicaid waivers are used, if any?:Medicaid
Is digital peer support available? Medicaid reimbursable?:
Is there a statewide Peer Specialist organization?:Yes
Name of Statewide Peer Specialists Organization:SC SHARE
Peer Specialists Organization
Peer Specialists Organization Primary Contact:Phone: 803.739.5712
Other relevant/helpful contacts::
Are there conferences held in the state specifically for Peer Supporters?:
Are there recognition or award opportunities for peer support specialists or Substance Use Peer Support Specialists?:
Helpful Websites/ References:
If there are recent changes to the certification process due to COVID-19, are the changes permanent, temporary or other?:Training has transitioned to 100% digital and is now available by zoom over 10 days for 4 hours a day.