Groundbreaking services to reduce provider churn and enhance care team

Create unforgettable community healthcare and wraparound services to succeed in value-based contracts

Form successful teams

- Recruit and onboard with ease

- Improve collaboration across your care teams.

Build vibrant communities

- Build a connected community by bringing your network together and keeping them educated and informed about how your organizations growth

Provide unmatched education

- Develop training tools for stronger teams

- Offer co-hort based training and educational workshops from anywhere with an internet connection. Create a learning experience that is unique to your organization’s mission and reflects the culture and programming you offer.

Create healthy populations

- Create effective peer support

- Create personalized programming for individuals and groups that utilizes digital peer support.

Online operations are made easy with our one-size-fits-all software. Compass360 can replace all of the following functions with a single login

Contact Management

Keep all your contacts in one place with our easy-to-use contact management system. Easily import information from your organization’s contacts such as donors, patients, staff, board members, etc., into the system in an instant.
– Upload UNLIMITED contacts
– Easily sort different types of contacts and segment by custom roles

Hiring automation dashboard

Hiring automation ensures that you have the best possible candidates for the job, without having to spend hours on the process yourself. Compass360’s hiring automation dashboard makes managing all of your contacts easy so you can quickly find the right candidates for your team without losing quality.
– No more vacant caregiver positions that cause employee strain
– Integrates with third party applicant tracking and payroll companies (COMING SOON)

Learning management system

Our learning Management System (LMS) gives you the power to create, manage, and track your members’ learning progress. Improve your organizations’ competence and self-management with healthcare workforce education and psychoeducation for patients and consumers.
– Support for cohort-based and self-paced courses
– Integrated community management tools for retention and continuing education
– Hundreds of courses included (COMING SOON)

Program Design Suite

Design custom programs with our feature-rich program design suite. Create evidence-based community & behavioral health programs for your clients in minutes with our easy-to-use portal creation suite. You can develop assessments, courses, coaching services, group services, wellness management services, programs for youth mental health and much more.
– Perfect for business training, education, wellness management, support groups.

Portal Creation Suite

Create professional, custom-made provider dashboards, membership portals, patient portals, and more in minutes with our easy-to-use portal creation suite. Grow and manage all of your organizations’ contacts, patients, and providers. Integrate your favorite software to provide an elegant connected digital experience for your organization.
– Branded pages, features, and tools
– Member management tools
– Create UNLIMITED pages & portals (LIMITED TIME ONLY)
– HIPAA & HITRUST Compliant

Top-Notch Training Blueprint

Download our free framework for creating spectacular training programs